Getting My Sh*t Together

So as I’ve said many times September, is my favourite. I don’t know if it is because my Birthday is sometime during the month, or because the seasons start to change again. Sandals get packed away and I start to take stock furiously writing lists in various notebooks and diaries. I use this pre-Christmas time […]

September Style: Capsule Wardrobe Plan for Autumn

Well the weather has certainly turned. Last night I had a hot bath with warming Vanilla candles lit. I put on my warm snuggly freshly laundered dressing gown and settled down to plan my wardrobe for September. I buy a few key pieces every season as the weather changes, but this seems particularly important in […]

Maintaining the calm

So far June has flashed by in a blur. I knew it was going to be busy with work trips to London at the weekend and Father’s Day madness thrown in. I like to plan a few things for these busy times so I can stay on top of the workload and maintain a certain […]