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Beach Cook Out at Holywell Bay


Nothing beats an evening at the beach in Summer. We have had quite a few over recent weeks but last night was all the more special as we decided to try out Tony’s new Kelly Kettle set by having a beach BBQ with some friends that are visiting and their children.

You can burn sticks and pine cones in the kettle base but we prefer to use our solid wood, beard comb off-cuts (nothing goes to waste at Wood Paper Scissors!)

The cooking smells from the BBQ combined with the salty sea air remind me of the warm summer evenings in France of my childhood, I am so pleased that I can share these memories with Eva and hopefully create some more.

If you are thinking about cooking outdoors for the first time, keep it simple, prepare as much in advance as possible (even slicing the rolls if you can) it will make for a far more relaxed enjoyable experience, so you can sit back, take in the sea air and drink some funny colour tea!

Remember that everything tastes better eaten outdoors on a picnic rug, even the most simple food can seem like a decadent treat…

especially if you time it just as the sun sets over the ocean!

and don’t forget the marshmallows skewers!

We stayed on the beach around the campfire until it was quite late and completely dark, just the sound of crashing waves as a reminder of the huge expanse of ocean just beyond our vision. Before we packed up camp to head back, we all turned off our torches to look at the night sky and right at that moment there was a shooting star! We could hardly believe our eyes, nature is just the most truly remarkable thing!


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