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My Little Mermaid

For as long as I can remember, Eva has told me that she is a mermaid, an actual mermaid. When she is left alone in the bath, shower, sea or swimming pool she apparently grows a big scaly tail and is a proper mermaid, not a pretend one, a genuine half-fish girl with a shell bikini and blue hair!

Mermaid chat has been notably boosted with our move to the coast, largely because there are actual mermaids that pop out of the sea here, just down the road in fact like this one we found flipping her tail around on Porthminster Beach in April:

There is much folklore about mermaids in the area we live in, the most famous being The Mermaid of Zennor.

There are a few versions of the story but the general gist is there was a beautiful and mysterious lady who visited St. Senara’s Church in Zennor on a Sunday to hear a young man named Mathey Trewella sing, he was the best singer in the Parish. No one knew where the lady came from so one day Mathey followed her home and was never seen again!

One Sunday out at sea a fisherman spoke to a mermaid about a mile from Pendour Cove but didn’t hang about as he thought it a bad omen, but when he got back to dry land he told the villagers what he had seen and they decided that the lady who had visited their church was indeed a mermaid and had enticed Mathey Trewella to live with her in the sea.

There is a bench in the church with a mermaid engraved on one end, some say it was made to commemorate the story, others say it was the actual bench which the mermaid sat and sung, opposite Trewella in the singing loft.

When I recited this story to Eva and we worked out that we only live a short drive from Zennor we had to go! Look at how happy she is!

I think we are more mermaid obsessed than every before and it doesn’t show any sign of subsiding!

It has even starting creeping into my work, I have a feeling there a plenty more mermaid inspired designs to come!!

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