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An Afternoon in Beautiful St. Agnes

When we were house-hunting for our dry-run on moving to Cornwall (two years ago when we didn’t actually move) I had it in my head that we were moving to St. Agnes. As you probably know we did eventually move to Cornwall but not to St. Agnes, although we’re not too far away so today we went for the afternoon. I am still a bit overwhelmed that we can get to all of these amazing places in less than 30 minutes (instead of the 5-6 hours it has taken us in the past!)

Such a pretty little village, this is the view from the (honesty box) car park:

The weather was doing it’s usual Cornish thing of everything in a day including thunder and lightening, so I was dressed in flip flops, rain coat and sunglasses, with a jumper and towel in the car (just in case). When we arrived it was really stormy and we got absolutely soaked walking from the car park through the town to Trevaunance Cove.

We had seen on magic seaweed that it was a 2 star there today so we thought we should go and check it out. I haven’t really just sat and watched any surfing since we moved down here and as it’s one of my favourite things to do, so I found the perfect place to eat and spectate!!

Schooners, at Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes is right on the beach and has panoramic views of the ocean making it the perfect location for a spot of lunch on the beach. I actually found this place through a hashtag on instagram and that’s why it’s my favourite app of all time.

It has a relaxed, informal vibe with a simple menu of local seafood and some nice veggie options, they recommend 2-3 plates per person I opted for burnt squash with Cornish potatoes, it looked and tasted a lot nicer than it sounds! It was seriously epic, Tony who always favours the burger option was a bit envious of my choice I think, although I did pinch a few of his chips and they were pretty good too. There’s also a lovely range of coffee and cake if you want somewhere sheltered to take in that view.

I think I’m really styling out the disheveled, ‘been dragged through a hedge backwards’ look rather well!

By the time we had eaten, the sun was blazing in the sky and I wished I had packed my wet suit in the emergency car-drobe.

The sky just got bluer!

We took a stroll back up and through the village and browsed around the lovely shops and galleries.

There is a fantastic range of local talented artists and craftspeople, some of whom have their own workshops like Celia Creeper who’s studio is behindĀ  Churchtown Arts. Celia’s work is simply stunning, the bold vibrant colour pops actually make you smile! I will definitely be returning when I own a wall of my own to house one of these stunning paintings!!





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