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A new life in Cornwall means new hobbies!


The weather, coastline and general feel of Cornwall has changed a lot in the last few weeks. It went rather bleak for what felt like days on end in March. But April has arrived with a blaze of suns and amazing big blue skies. We have been out exploring almost every day and I’ve even started some new hobbies! I was feeling a bit lost without my ‘mum friends’ and weekly tap class and I quickly realised that my new social life wasn’t going to come knocking on the door to invite me out for cocktails if it didn’t even know I was in town.


So I signed up for my first SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) lesson. I have a massive fear of fish but am really keen to get in (or on) the water, purely because most of the outdoor pursuits here are sea-based and I don’t want to miss out! I totally struck gold when I found Ocean High through Google, Lawrence the instructor was so friendly and reassuring, totally un-phased by my stupid fish disposition. I was in a group with two others and although I wouldn’t say I had the social event of my life (being petrified I might see a fish and trying my best not to fall in), but getting out on the water right in front of the iconic St Michael’s Mount was a bit of a life altering moment, if there wasn’t photographic evidence I might be thinking I had dreamed it! It was an awesome experince (much harder than I expected)  but I have bought my own wetsuit and I’m going to join the SUP club at Ocean High.

There’s plenty of hobbies to be had in Cornwall and not all of them involve getting freezing cold and wet! So I’ve also signed up for a local Barre class, it’s a bit like a mix of ballet and pilates, I’ve been to a couple of sessions now and absolutely love it.


Luckily I’m a bit of a chatterbox and feel okay about throwing myself into situations where I don’t know anyone. So alongside a couple of new hobbies, I have also been to the etsy Cornwall meet up and there’s a local Not on the High partner group for local businesses that sell on these online platforms, although both of these groups are work-related everyone was super-friendly and I have definitely met some lovely and like-minded local people, many of whom have been in my situation and totally ‘get’ what it feels like to be the new person.


We have also walked for miles and miles, played host to a few family members and friends – this has definitely helped me feel more at home here and we’ve even visited a few new places! I am starting to feel properly settled in our new life now that I am embracing the changes, I am enjoying doing new things and not just trying to recreate my old life here, I’m really looking forward to what Summer will bring.

Have you relocated to a new town where you know no one? How did you make friends and feel at home, any advice gratefully received!




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