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Introducing our new handmade solid wood ring boxes

We’ve been playing about with ideas for ring boxes and small keep sake boxes for a while. We have the age-old problem, between us we have a million a dozen awesome ideas and zero time to nail any of them down into a finished product.

We always find that if we can manage to carve out a half day of dedicated time for design and prototypes, we usually come up with three or four new products, we kind of get into a bit of a flow, then there’s no stopping us.

That’s exactly what happened with our new ring boxes.


We started off with an idea for a sliding, tactile ring box and before we knew it we had decided that the lid should have a magnetic closure. These little beauts have a satisfying pivot hinge that makes a sort of wooshing noise as it closes onto the magnet.

This video better shows you what I mean:


Behind the scenes: This box was an actual order for a customer but I decided I should put a ring inside to illustrate the product clearly. The hands and lovely pink nails belong to one of our fabulously efficient packaging ladies, straight after the box snapped it’s final shut and video had been shot she went straight back to packing the order and very nearly posted my engagement ring too… it was still inside the box!!!!


Back on the design front, I decided to introduce a personalised version to the range, using a maniuplated modern script typeface for the engraving. It fits perfectly with the style and audience for the product.

Not bad for a mornings work.


We were on a roll. After lunch we had a stab at making another of our idea germs.

Next up was a flip-top ring box, an idea we had been tinkering about with for a few months, we wanted to include an integral copper hinge and to really shows off the workmanship of the woodworking involved, with this box you can see the layers of walnut wood beautifully.


I don’t think many people are aware that we actually make every wooden product from scratch, for every order and this is before we add any of the individual bespoke elements or engraving that our customers require.


It was important to keep the bespoke element simple, in order to really show off the box, I tried to emulate a bespoke stamp that a jeweller might use. Sometimes with the engraving ‘less is more’. These ring boxes are also available (and are every bit as appealing) with no personalised element.


Then just as we thought we were done, Tony remembered that he had promised his soon-to -be-wed friend a personalised ring box for the forth-coming nuptuals, but we had had already engraved all of the boxes we had made. Argh! So we decided that as we were making such good progress, we should make them a different box altogether. Another new style and something individual and special to them but with the intention of not uploading more of them for sale.

But as with most things, when you take the pressure away of having to design your next best seller, you unwittingly design your next best seller!! So here it is, the bespoke ring box we designed and made for Michael and Vicky’s wedding day.


We personalised it with their names and the date they got married. We were so pleased with how it turned out we thought it would be a shame not to share it in our shop. If only to upload and see what happens. As you might’ve guessed we’ve sold enough of them to convince us it was worth keeping it in. I’m pretty sure the happy couple don’t mind as they were delighted with their original!

We have also uploaded a non-personal version.



I really hope you like these new designs, you can check them out in our etsy shop  and we have a special offer currently available for blog subscribers, if you subscribe to the blog use and the code BOXES20YAY at the checkout you will get a stonking 20% off until 30th September 2016.










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