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Family time in France


After our recent disaster of a holiday you might think I would be more than hesitant about boarding another plane less than two weeks later. But that’s exactly what we did.


From the age of three I spent every Summer in France. I have fantastic memories of those long hot summers; eating boiled pigs trotters on the beach with my Dad, having picnics in Lay-by’s en route to our next location (we never stayed anywhere longer than a week on account that France is huge and there’s so much to see, you can’t hang about), there was the night we spent in a scrap yard because our car broke down and in the later years galloping on horseback through the woods wearing no riding hat (because no one did, it just wasn’t cool), Pastis mixed with cassis (I found out the hard way that Cassis is a liquer and not just squash) and of course french discoteques (I’m not going to elaborate too much on this, what happened in France…!)

But it is no secret that we didn’t have the conventional French holidays of other families, in fact I recently read A Tent A Bucket And Me and was 100% totally convinced that it was written by my sister and not Emma Kennedy at all.


We drank buckets of Cidre Breton, ate shed loads of babybels (before you could get them here) and I still think there’s nothing more sophisticated than shaking a bottle of freezing cold Orangina (to wake up the orangey bits) before hissing the top off with a bottle opener. As a kid I wouldn’t touch fresh orange juice with pulp in but I weirdly couldn’t get enough of this exotic fizzy/fruity/french nectar. We brought gallons of the stuff back to re-live the moment in England. Along with Laughing Cows, Gini, mini galettes, paté, saucisson and frogs legs. It never was the same.


Fast forward 15 years and my Dad had the same realisation, so he bought a house there and now I can go and re-live all of those happy childhood memories all over again and share them with my own family. Obviously we’re skipping the night in the scrap yard, it was fun but no need to repeat.


The house is in rural France and I was a little apprehensive about actually living a ‘slow life’ albeit for a only a few days. The mobile signal isn’t great but we did take our mifi box so that we could pick up emails. But I can honestly say other than dealing with a couple of enquiries and uploading a few pics a day to my instagram my phone remained untouched for the entire time we were there.


This part of France is surrounded by stunning woodland lakes, we visited a different one every day. You can swim in the lakes but I didn’t because of the mahoosive fish in there.


The scenery is breathtaking and just so untouched. The local town has a huge magestic chateau and many maginficent houses with pastel coloured shutters.


I had genuine shutter and window-box envy everywhere I turned.2016-08-24_093734540_1260C_iOS

Just look at those geraniums, or are the bizzy lizzy’s?


Oh and that’s the family sniffing out the only bar in town that was open at midday!


This part of France is especially sleepy but pretty much the whole of France closes over lunch and on a Monday, oh and for the entire month of August! I’m not sure how our business would function, or if I could cope without decent broadband long term so we’re not looking to move to rural France any time soon but flights to Limoges from East Midlands with Ryaniar are around £100 return (hand luggage only) and takes just over an hour. So for now popping over regularly over for my fix of whiffy soft cheese and Chablis (and to see my Dad of course) is totally do-able.

Bonsior xx




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