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Taking time to breathe and just be

Today it might be raining but we have had some glorious sunshine this week. I am always keen to pack up a picnic and head outside (even if it’s only to the garden) at the mere suggestion of a no-rain day.


I have been taking full advantage of the great weather and some days off with the little one this week, doing a lots of outdoorsy stuff, there really is nothing better. Heading out to a local country park with some friends and a bbq, it was so lovely to just sit, on a blanket in a field, cooking in the open air. It was soooo hot!!! I’m not complaining.


After we had finished cooking and eating and eating and cooking (BBQ’s are far more satisfying if you are looking to linger over lunch, you can just keep throwing stuff on the coals) we took a long and much needed stroll through the shady woods, just the two of us.

look up

We all have such busy lives sometimes, I forgot just how lovely it is just to wander through woodland listening to the leaves and the chatter of the birds, taking time to look up at the huge trees, to just breathe and ‘be’ for a while, there is nothing better for reducing stress and forgettng all about daily life. Especially if you have a small child who is determined to find hiding fairies, I really really don’t want her to grow up, seven is the perfect age.


Chatting together, walking and running up and down the hilly bits and breathing in the clean fresh, pine scented air.



Yes, she carried Barbie (Midge actually) in her hand all day.



We rewarded our efforts with mint choc chip ice creams, Barbs wasn’t keen so I had hers.


I am a total pin addict, as the weather’s not so great today you can check out my picnic themed board here in preparation for our next sunny day:


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