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The School Holidays / Juggling Act


Being self-employed, the School holidays are usually a manic juggling act, but I’m starting to feel that things are beginning to balance slightly more in my favour. This is so important for us as a family, for our creative business and most importantly for my sanity.


We’ve just had a week away and have a few more breaks planned before school starts back and usually I would be panicking now about completing everything in time and feeling torn between looking after the little one, trying to work, making sure we do lots of fun things, eat nice food, see friends etc. queue huge guilt cycle of feeling as though I am not dedicating enough time, effort or energy on anything .


But I don’t feel like that anymore and haven’t for a while now, so it’s not just a fluke. I think thisĀ  feeling of inner calm because we now a dedicated place for work outside the home. The bulk of our work happens some place other than where we live, eat and sleep. So when I come home, I can switch off (well as much as anyone who is self employed switches off) but to have this distance from the production side of work has helped me feel more in control of many aspects of my life, not just work and I am even starting to get my creative mojo back. Winner!


But today for the first time in months I decided to work from home for just a few hours, I needed to catch up with some screen printed tote bag orders I took while we were away. I love printing at home, I have the space to move and don’t need to worry about the dust and spiders the studios are prone to! Although I did have to banish the cat to the garden during the drying time.

These bags have been selling like hot cakes over the summer, I think they are being bought as a Hen Party gift for Bride’s to be, you can get yours here.



I didn’t achieve everything I set out t this morning but I am good with that. It meant we had time for lunch and to read some book before we went off to the workshop to package and post the orders. I really want our daughter to be involved in our business think it’s important that she can visit us at work and see what we do everyday, she has shown a real interest in designing some products too! Watch this space!



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