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Perfect day for a Wedding


This wedding invitation has been sitting on my dressing table for what feels like months! It was a dark cold Spring day when it dropped through the letter box and the thought of a beautifully sunny day of celebration was just this thing to lift our spirit’s back in those wintery days of March. But as the weeks fly by, the weather didn’t notably warm and my hopes for wearing sandals and a summer dress to this special occassion seemed doubtful. By Wednesday of last week I was still wearing boots and thick socks to work!


But on Friday morning, as I woke, I could hear birds singing in the beautiful blue skies that blessed us! Hooray for the British Summer! It was still a little chilly, but ever the optimist I decided to opt for the sandals and dress combo and for once it paid off, the weather just got warmer and it was an absolutely beautiful day.


The ceremony took place in a magnificent Grade I listed Orangery.

orangery roof


It really was the most exquisite venue and it is literally right on my doorstep.


Is there really anything better than a traditional wedding, in a stunning venue with heaps of character and many beautiful and quirky details on such a gloriously sunny day?!




orange juice

Obviously the orange juice was for me!!!!!!


There was a fantastic band and lots of dancing into the night (but no one needs to see those pictures!)

love lights

It really was the perfect day!

If you are planning a wedding or just love pretty, summery party ideas then you might like to check out my wedding board on pinterest:



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