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Losing my voice (and getting it back).


I have been so bad at keeping my blog up to date, my work life balance has been out of whack for months and I didn’t really know where to start again and almost feel like I might have lost my voice (my blogging voice that is, not my actual voice).

It all start when I moved the studio (the tidy one) out of home, taking the blogging equipment with it, I had hoped that I would be blogging in the new studio (the less tidy one) in between doing general work stuff and designing, but it’s just not happened. Also work got crazy busy and it’s hard to blog about lovely things when you don’t have much time and feel constantly tired.

new mac book

So here I am blogging again, but not at work, clearly that’s never going to be a thing, I treated myself to a cute little mac book so that we can do some design work from home and a little blogging too won’t hurt right?! And guess what… I’m so in love with spending time working at my kitchen table again, it’s almost like how it used to be when I first set up as a freelance designer (11 years ago) just me, a pot of tea, some favourite books, a mac and my brain. Bliss!


I have clarity for the first time this year and I am so excited about blogging again, I’m excited to be designing, I’m excited about my new polka dot table cloth and my foxy mug. I have so many awesome posts (including how to do beach waves like below) ready to share and I can’t wait to get started (again).


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