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Much change!

Wood Paper Scissors

I haven’t blogged for such a long time and so much has changed. My business Wood Paper Scissors I share with my husband is going really well, so well in fact that we have moved the business and now have a dedicated studio workshop. Which has been fantastic and we have a lovely studio assistant a few days a week, but the space is small and I have to say most days it’s not very tidy anymore!!

Lindsay & Tony Workshop

Earlier in the year we were lucky enough to win a competition run by not on the high to be featured in their #onlyyoustories campaign. We were given a whole day of filming with a proper crew (including wradrobe and makeup) afterwards it was all professionally editted. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved for our little business in such a short space of time and think the film captures us perfectly, if you haven’t seen our film already it’s right here.

Many changes have taken place in the last six months and we have quite a few more planned over the near future, exciting times ahead, I’ll keep posting as long and you’re not too disappointed if the studio isn’t very tidy!!

In other news the little one lost her first tooth (sob).

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