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The House We Grew up In : Lisa Jewell review


The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell is the second book in my Summer Reading Challenge.

I have read a number of novels by Lisa Jewell and felt right in my comfort zone from the very first chapter. Set in a picture book Cotwolds village, a beautiful cosy cottage, home to the four children of the Bird Family, they seem to have an idyllic family life filled with love and laughter, sun-drenched afternoons in a rambling garden, home cooked meals around a huge kitchen table. What could be better?

But as the book unfolds, secrets from the past start to eat away at the family dynamic, then tragedy strikes one Easter and the family are gradually torn apart. As the years pass the children grow up and all go their separate ways, it is hard to believe that they were such a close knit family at all. But then something happens to bring them all back together, force them to face the demons of that Easter all those years ago and talk about what really happened to each of them.

I was glued to the book from about half way through. I was just desperate to find out what happened and finally reveal all the secrets in the plot. I loved and loathed all of the Bird children at different points throughout this book and was genuinely surprised with the how the book ends. (No spoilers but there is a bit of a twist).

Lisa Jewell is a fabulous author and I never tire of her books, each one takes you on an emotional journey and she has a real talent for exploring quite complicated issues, in a real manner. I would definitely recommend this book and the author to anyone who wants a bit more than your standard Chick Lit.


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  1. I read this recently too. It was my first Lisa Jewell book and I really liked it, so much so that I bought a couple more of her books from my favourite second hand book shop. The others were o.k. but I didn’t like them nearly so much. A similar style book is The Legacy by Katherine Webb that I enjoyed too. x

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