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Stuff happens when the studio is tidy

Travel Journal: Melting in Malta at Seashells Hotel.


We have just returned from THE most relaxing family holiday, staying in Qawra, St Paul’s Bay on the stunning island of Malta.




Our family of three stayed at the Seashells at Suncrest resort as we wanted somewhere with a nice pool, near the sea (it’s right on the sea although there’s no actual beach area, there is a jetty for diving off) there’s a kids club and the resort is only a few minutes walk from attractions and neighbouring Buggiba, in fact we found out that nowhere is far from anywhere on Malta as the entire island is 14.484km long by 27.242 km wide!


qwara- sea-jetty

Not that we ventured out much, firstly because the hotel had everything we needed and secondly because we arrived at the start of the heatwave and it was too damn hot to do anything!! We literally spent the first two days trying to find a shady spot and not moving too far from it. We are all quite fair skinned so SPF50 and T-shirts on top of swimwear by late morning were a must, we saw many lobsteresque Brits around the pool and were determined to not spoil our holiday with the perils of burnt skin!


Luckily the cocktail menu was quite epic, this is a Gin Fizz, I had a few.



Staying All-Inclusive wasn’t our first choice, generally we get bored of the food options by day three and feel a bit confined to the hotel. But it only cost slightly more to upgrade from Half Board so we took the option and decided we could still afford to eat out for some meals if we wanted. But actually the food in the Seashells hotel was of an exceptionally high standard and varied every meal time. We only ate outside of the hotel twice.




Even the snack bar food by the pool was very good, with lots of variations on the accompanying salad. Oh and the desserts were to die for, I particularly enjoyed the Date Tart, which is a Maltese speciality. We were very impressed with the range of local dishes that were served, everything from Snails (in the Maltese buffet) to Marrow stuffed with ricotta cheese (my favourite hands-down) I loved this one so much I am going to try to recreate it at home, but I know it won’t be as good!



This hotel has recently undergone a huge refurbishment. The bedrooms, are modern and light, bright and airy. Our air conditioning wasn’t especially cold but it did work so we didn’t complain. The room was plenty big enough for the three of us and the balcony was a good size with a side view of a quiet street which was perfect, although the windows were soundproof so there was no noise at all once the doors were closed and the curtains were black out, which is really important when traveling with children or light sleepers (we are all of the above!)

seashells spa malta

Seashells has it’s own SPA and I wasn’t going to miss out on a bit of ‘me time’. I went along for an anti-stress sessionย  of eight treatments! Including a Turkish foam massage, which has to be one the strangest techniques I have experienced, but actually very relaxing once I had ’embraced’ the foam! I was told to lay down on the warm marble bed while my masseur created a vast amount of foam using what I can only describe as a wind sock, she kind of threw it above her head and masses of miniscule bubbles flew out of the end which she then proceeded to cover me in! My favourite treatment was the hair shampoo and head massage. I emerged from the Spa 90 minutes later feeling like a little dazed/fuzzy but very relaxed and I probably looked as though I had been on the Gin Fizz all afternoon! But my hair, skin and face felt amazing the next day. I would definitely recommend at least one treatment if you stay here.


But I have saved the best for last!! The absolutely best part of our holiday was the animation team and the kids club! Our little one is quite shy and doesn’t take to new things easily, but the animation staff were so kind, caring and also pretty daft that she was up dancing and playing games in the mini disco which takes place every night and by the end of our holiday she was happily going to the daytime kids club with a member of staff, giving us a little time to relax – in the shade with a book.



The team put on a superb entertainment programme that we all got involved in, from the Aqua Zumba in the pool every afternoon, to the ping pong and belly flop competitions, my husband took part in both of these (and actually won the belly flop – with a backwards flip, the show off!) Unfortunately I don’t have any evidence as I was too busy laughing! He just needs to work on his ping pong skills now!



The staff are great at involving everyone and when they aren’t running around organising the programme they are happy to sit and have a chat. There was entertainment every night outside at the pool bar overlooking, the sea.

We all really enjoyed our stay at the hotel and our little one absolutely sobbed when it was time to leave, she still can’t look at her holiday diary without getting upset, the sign of a truly fantastic holiday and one I am sure we will always remember!



Bye Bye Malta! It was fun!

NB: The only downside to Malta that I could find (and is evident in the photo’s) it is totally impossible to have a good hair day, this issue affected me more than my husband.





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  1. Great that you loved your holiday ๐Ÿ™‚ And I live here, bad hair days are forever without lots of products! Just 1 thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Malta is 27.242km wide not 7.242 km ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re small but not THAT small ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for the hair help and the amendment, I did think that seemed on the petite side! I’ll change it now! Thanks!!

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