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No.2 Fresh Fruit Ice Lollies and Smoothies – Two meals are better than one.

The second in my series of Two Meals are Better then One. This isn’t a meal recipe strictly speaking but principle is the same. I have chosen to make a fresh fruit smoothie and ice pole recipe as it’s been too darn hot to crank up the oven and frozen ice pops and cool fruit smoothies seem a far more appealing prospect in a sticky climate.


This recipe will make enough for six smallish, super tasty, ice pops and two large glasses of smoothie (which will keep in the fridge for a day or so if they are both for you).


Ingredients for ice lollies:

1 tall glass orange juice

1 cereal sized bowl of mango and pineapple

Ingredients for the smoothies:

The above ingredients plus one bowl of frozen fruit, I chose berries.



My ice lolly mold cost £1.00 from ASDA, making home made ice lollies a frugal option too. Although this decadent fresh fruit version isn’t an especially cheap option! Especially when you factor in the cost of the rather expensive kitchenaid blender I am using, but I have had it for years and they don’t even make this model anymore, I wonder if it is vintage yet?



Tumble all the ice lolly ingredients into the blender and whizz it up, for about 5 minutes, or until it is all the most garishly fabulous, marigold yellow. If in doubt, keep blending.

Then carefully pour the golden liquid into your molds, allow a little space in the top of each, if you fill right to the top when you put the sticks in they will overflow. I found this out the hard way!

The rest of the fruit mix can stay in the blender jug ready for the next part.


Pop on the lids and freeze.


You don’t need an expensive mixer to make these fruity lollies, you could use a food processor or even a wand blender for this part of the recipe, although you will need something more heavy duty for the next part…

Smoothie making:

Take your jug of leftover fruit mush mix and add a bowl of frozen, zingy, fruit.


Pop them in the blender and woosh up for about 5 minutes. Using frozen, crisp berries in this way means you don’t have to have an ice crusher on your blender, or the need to add any ice.


Pour the now crimson juice into a tall glass and enjoy with a straw (you will need a straw as it will be mega thick – and yummy). For extra decadence swirl some local honey into your smoothie.

Then later (at least 3 hours) you can raid the freezer and enjoy your super healthy, fruity frozen lollies!!




Feeling inspired to have a bash at your own but don’t fancy my combinations? There’s loads of other (including Boozy) options here.

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