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What’s in my Bag? A Hand Luggage Special.

Today I’m busy packing for a family holiday to Malta and thought I’d share another ‘what’s in my bag’ feature. I like to travel as light as possible, largely because I have to consider all the the extra things I need to pack now I’m traveling with a little person.

whats in my bag

Somehow all of those little necessities that I used to pack like hand lotion, magazines and stacks of paperbacks have become less, well, necessary. Actually I do still take a stack of novels with me but in kindle form and I’ll be sharing my summer reading list later in the week.

Hand luggage

I have chosen floral tote style, leather trim, shoulder bag from Cath Kidston. It’s a largish bag with a zip across the top and two long leather straps. This bag is just big enough to get all the essentials in, but not so big that it’s weight is compatible to that of a small elephant when it’s full. It’s size is also good in terms of finding things, I hate those cavernous bags that hide all those important documents on their crevices, just enough to stress you out at the immigration desk. There’s none of that with this bag, in fact there is a large zippy pocket inside perfect for keeping passports and money safe, but not so safe that you can’t even find them.

Cath Kidston bag integral pocket

Talking of passports, for the first time I am using passport sleeves, they are colour coded and I am hoping they will help to alleviate some of the airport stresses and they also look so nice enveloped in their matching/not matching polka dot cases.


I would like to say my other half was delighted with his Cath Kidston Passport Holder, but that would be a complete lie!


So what’s in the bag? My notebook and mechanical pencil, for jotting down notes and ideas for blog posts. I have a bad short term memory and I know I’m likely to get an fantastic idea for a feature or a product when I’m lounging by the pool and will totally forget it when I get home.

  • The Simple Things Magazine. Just because it’s my favourite magazine at the moment, I enjoy it’s slow pace and appreciation of life’s little details, it’s a ‘stop and smell the flowers’ kind of read. Incidentally they’ve just started an online market place and we have been lucky enough to have been picked to sell with them.
  • Meds, I take a little zippy full of some of the medicines I hope to not need, but know I will if they’re not packed. Plastic Bag and wipes, just in case of sickness and nosebleeds, our family our quite prone to both!
  • Jewellery. I take anything the is worth anything (sentimentally or otherwise) in my hand luggage, just in case the case doesn’t make it.
  • My Kindle, with a fresh new batch of books to devour!
  • Cheap sunglasses as they are bound to get lost and or broken.
  • My new Stawberries purse.
  • Natural sweets and snacks for the little one, to help with ear popping on descent.
  • Passports.
  • iphone & portable charger
  • Socks as I travel in Birkenstocks and always get cold feet.
  • Scarf in case it’s cold and to make into a pillow.

shop here:

Bag // magazine // notebook // passport covers // purse // kindle // pencil // guidebook // scarf & socks // portable phone charger

Next time I post I’ll be in sunny Malta!!

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