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Summer Glamping Wish List

I’m the kind of person who needs a project. Whether it’s demolishing walls or learning a new craft, I like to feel I have something on the boil, challenging me, making me think. Otherwise I get a bit restless, bored, then melancholic and then just downright fed up. Throughout the Summer work goes a little quiet, the ‘order adrenaline’ ebbs off  and it seems the natural time to find a project. This year I have decided to go camping (well actually) Glamping!

Glamping bell tent at Harewood farm

A few friends have invested in canvas Bell Tents and I have to admit  am a little envious. As a child I spent my summers in France mostly sleeping under canvas with my sister (who used to scare the living wits out of  me). Like most children, I took these endless Summers for granted, but  I now realise just how lucky I was! The freedom to play outside all day until bedtime,  BBQ’s every evening and being out in the elements to witness the most captivating sunsets and frightening of thunderstorms. These memories, I will carry for life and I feel strongly it is my duty to pass a little bit of this on to my new family. So we are going to get a bell tent of our very own and I have had great fun in compiling this wish list…


Storm Lantern // Patchwork Cushion // Enamel Cooking Pot // Roll up Bed // Melamine Cup // Enamel Mug // Smile Plate // Tiffin Tin // Drink Dispenser

Do you camp or glamp, or you are lucky enough to have your own Bell Tent? I would love to hear about your experiences and adventures, or even if you have a favourite spot you think we should explore!!

As I do with every new thing in my life I took to Pinterest and  have been compiling a comprehensive glamping board on Pinterest here. It’s not just the pretty stuff too, there’s even some pratical stuff like stoves and collapsible kettles on there, although there’s a fair bit of bunting and twinkly lights!

glamping on pinterest






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