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June in Pictures

Well it is official, I have no life. 11pm on a Saturday night and I am updating my blog. In fairness I’ve had a pretty rubbish couple of weeks which resulted in some (not so) minor surgery yesterday and Eva is poorly with tonsillitis again.

Saturday Night Snacking

So while everyone else trots off to a beer garden to enjoy this balmy British Summer evening, I have opted to stay home with my blog, Orange is the New Black on Netflix, a tumbler of peach iced tea and pistachio nuts for company and actually life feels pretty good.

Here’s my Insta round up for June:


It felt like most of June was spent making and sending out personalised jigsaw coasters and moustache/beard combs for lucky Dad’s this Father’s Day. It was our most successful Father’s Day run up to date meaning we reached our 7000 orders milestone on not on the high

I got organised and shared how!

I got my cooking hat on and started my Two Meals Are Better Than One feature. It involves making big batches to be enjoyed now and then transformed into even yummier left over meals.

I visited the Blogging Conference of the year that is Blogtacular!

I made this little trug at Blogtacular with Nicky McWilliams. I am going to make some more of these this month.

There was an epic Coffee Jar Hunt.

We looked after Stanley Dog, the mental Yorkie, A Lot!

I celebrated 9 years as being a self-employed creative, no idea where that time has gone, but I’m still here (I’m stubborn) and I’m still doing it!

We got new carpet and I almost became a foot model but my feet are too small!

Also I deleted 150 ‘friends’ from my personal facebook account. I decided with all my other social media channels being regularly updated I want to keep that space personal to me and close friends and family. Unfortunately the cull didn’t go unnoticed and there was a bit of an unpleasant scene in the playground. There is at least one whole blog post right there but I am going to wait for the dust to settle!!






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