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Maintaining the calm

So far June has flashed by in a blur. I knew it was going to be busy with work trips to London at the weekend and Father’s Day madness thrown in. I like to plan a few things for these busy times so I can stay on top of the workload and maintain a certain level of calm.


Firstly I like to plan the food we will be eating and make as much of it in advance and freeze it so I don’t have to think too much when I’m working. I will be adding a dedicated post about meal planning later, including the recipe for this delicious pasta bake.


When I know I’m going to be super busy I plan my wardrobe so I know I have clean (not necessarily ironed) comfortable but still smart outfits for each day. Before Motherhood I was a freelancer and used to wear my Pj’s and slippers for most of the day. But since having my daughter and losing over two and a half stone, I just can’t handle being slob anymore and if I’m not wearing something nice, that matches, I am not in the zone to do my best work. I do still wear slippers all day, but I have a range and yes they have to match too!


I also sort any extra childcare in advance, my little one is at school but an extra pair of hands at home time can be like gold dust. Even if it’s just for an hour so I can get those extra packages to the post office and get ahead for the next day.

Playlist June 2015

Lastly but probably most importantly on the first day of each month I start playlist. As a general rule I listen to BBC radio 6music in the studio but sometimes if there’s too much talk or I’m not feeling motivated I’ll pop on my own mix to help me along. So I’m going to share my monthly playlists with you, I hope you like them (and it functions) enjoy the music!


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