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The Great Orla Kiely Coffee Jar Hunt!

Two of my favourite worlds have collided! Orla Kiely has been working with Douwe Egbert to create an exclusive range of patterns for their coffee jars. If like me you are a bit of a sucker for anything that has a retro inspired theme then you’ll love these jars of joy.

The real genius is everyone knows that one of the best things about Douwe Egbert coffee is that the jars can be brilliantly upcycled, all the more so now some have Orla Kiely’s signature bold prints on them.

I had a little expedition last week to find all three designs, it wasn’t easy, took me all afternoon in fact but it was worth it! The Co-op were initially selling them at £5.00 so they flew off the shelves there. I did manage to hunt down all three (in three different shops) and my lovely Mum bought me an extra yellow one, I’m currently using it as a vase.

I can’t wait to upcycle the others, I reckon the patterns will really pop with other stuff in the jars. I’m thinking white sugar cubes for the green apple design and maybe the orange tulips jar would be a good pen pot for my Tria Pantone Marker Pens.

There were
only 1.5 million available and there are still a few out there, I saw some in my local Tesco yesterday. The jars feature the Pure Gold and Pure Indulgence roasts and have been on sale nationwide from 01 May priced at £6.59 (rrp).

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