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May in pictures

How fast did May go? Yipee for Summer though!

Here’s a quick insta round up of what went on in the last month of Spring…

I’m still struggling with the fact that we aren’t moving to Cornwall (yet?!) so I bought myself a Cornwall themed mug from the wonderful Sparks Clothing

We got a new dog in the family, he’s a Yorkshire Terror (intended error) called Stanley, he’s my Mum’s dog but we love him like our own and he stays with us in the studio A LOT, because he’s a puppy and has a tendency to drive people nuts after a couple of hours, we like to think of it as ‘sharing the love’.

It was half term and we had lots of movie nights and made way too much popcorn, we discovered home made is far nicer than the shop bought stuff and a fairly entertaining activity if you have a glass lid for your saucepan.

I made dip and tortilla’s (it’s yum and healthy) recipe here.

We had a great family day eating picnics, building fire and enjoying the sunshine at Irchester Country Park.

I finally finished the printers tray for Eva’s room, full blog post soon (promise).

I escaped to London for the day for a work related partner event at the Institute of Great Britain, full post here.

Finally, our business went global!! We were fortunate enough to be chosen to sell on based in Australia, we’ve been featured on a number of emails and have been selected for their Summer 2015 catalogue.

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Well that’s May done with I wonder what June will bring!?

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