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Win a personalised beard comb!!

I have been busy uploading a range of new products to our various sites and thought it might be fun to have a little giveaway!

You might remember from my Weirdo Beardo post a few weeks back we’re very much going with the trend of beards and with this in mind have designed another beard comb. Made from yummy solid walnut and can be personalised with whatever you like. They also double up as a handy keyring. If you fancy having a go at winning one just head over to our facebook page and comment on the post pinned to the top (the giveaway one)! All we want to know is who is your favourite bearded person?

I’ve actually been super busy working and haven’t had much time for baking, entertaining, making etc, but I have had a lot whole heap of fun seeing our new range come together!

You can check our shop here:

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