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Weidro Beardo

I’m not a huge fan of facial hair. Until recent times I’d always associated displays of folicular fancy with old men, pirates and Forrest Gump. But not so anymore, the cool hipsters have cottoned on to the hobo look and like it or not hairy faces are everywhere!

So beards are sexy again, historically they always were symbols of prestige and power and it seems to have come full circle. We went to Brighton last weekend and practically every other bloke had a huge facial candy floss of bristles attached to their chin. I’m talking Proper. Big. Birds. Nest. Beards.

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According to the other half “The male beard communicates a heroic image of the independent, sturdy
and resourceful pioneer. Ready, willing and able to do manly things.
Whether the recipient is full beard, goatee or just a moustache, every
man wants to hold the look that they are creating.”

So with this in mind and given every man and their dog (a border terrier probably) has a beard and us being the kind of ‘on trend’ groovers we are, we made a beard comb.

So here it is, made from solid walnut so will last for years to come and can be personalised with a name or special date engraved on, or even just Beardo Weardo!

Moustache Beard Combs

I was a bloke I’d definitely be growing a face nest of my own to groom,
but sadly I’m not. So I’ll just have to admire from afar and hide my
envy, either that or I could have a bash at knitting myself one! Have
you seen Laura O’Farrell’s pattern for the knitted beard beanies she did for Comic Relief? Yeah those! Oh and yes that is Miranda I think.

If you like our beard combs and would like one of your own, they are in our shop ere!

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