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Homemade Tortilla Chips and Epic Creamy Dip Recipe

The weather is warming up and my brain automatically changes gear, it starts obsessing about alfresco dining. The summer is the perfect time to eat healthily, huge salads, grilled meats and seafoods are all yummy and the smell of a charcoal barbecue on a warm evening is devine torture, while waiting for those coals to heat up I get pretty excited about the peripherals to the main event. This means dips and chips.

I’ve always been partial to dips. Especially the creamy ones, salsa is alright in certain circumstances (like with a load of cheese and a chunky guacamole). But the cool creamy, oniony sour cream one is without hesitation the segment I’ll demolish first from the four tray supermarket selection packs.

This decadent dip certainly hasn’t helped my waist line over the years, so I thought it was about time I created one that wasn’t going to make me forever fat. Since I’ve been making my own dips I now actually prefer them to the shop bought ones, they taste better and it is far easier to keep track on how many syns I’ve had (the slimming world system for counting treats). They taste better and are super indulgent without any of the guilt, win win then!

We had a taster session at our Slimming World Group the other week, we were celebrating our tremendous consultant being a year in the job and I was celebrating finally getting back into my target weight range (at flipping last). We were asked to take along a low syn or syn free dish for everyone to share. So I made a dip, techinally it’s not syn free but if you use your healthy A’s and B’s for the day it is and it is low syn.

This makes two dip size bowls, perfect if you are having friends over but if you are on your own split the whole mix into two and put one in the fridge in an air tight container (or under lock and key if you can’t be trusted), it will keep for up to three days in there.

For the epic dip you will need:

1 tub Quark (see above – original is syn free)
1/2 tub Philadelphia lightest
Dash of Skimmed milk or water
Sliced spring onions
2 cloves garlic
Salt and Pepper

The easiest thing to do it fling it all in a food processor and pulse until smooth. You can do this by hand just make sure to crush your garlic and finely chop your onions first. Refrigerate for 3 hours and sprinkle with paprika before serving.

If you want it to be creamier add more Philadelphia Light, just be sure to add more syns. Quark is free (yipee!).

For the tortillas

1 Weight Watchers Wholemeal wrap per person.
Lime juice

Cut the wrap into thin triangles and place on a pre-heated oven dish, I use a pizza stone. Spray with frylight and sprinkle with seasoning. Cook in a hot hot oven for about 3 minutes, until they’re not soggy anymore but before they turn black.

NB: Don’t fall into the Wrap Trap! These Weight Watchers wholemeal wraps are the only wraps that are a Healthy Extra B on the Slimming world plan. If you can’t find them or want to be especially healthy cut up a load of carrot, cucumber and pepper batons as these will give your weight loss extra speed (Slimming World call them super free foods).

Tuck in and enjoy, preferably with a large Gin and Slim! 


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