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National Stationery Week.

Wayhey! It is National Stationery Week. A whole week of excuses to indulge in my favourite past time of perusing, pursuing and purchasing pens (and other papery paraphernalia).

In short, I bloody love stationery. Always have, I think the first proper memory of this addiction is a of a large blue rubber that was a coin (bit ironic really given how much I spend on the stuff!) I bought this rubber from the school book fair when I was around five years old and it was my most treasured possession. It had the sweet, addictive aroma that rubbers smelt of in the 80’s (if you’re in the USA they’re called erasers, just needed to clarify that I’m not talking about the other scented rubbers)!

The second stationery memory and certainly the most traumatic, is of a six year old me having a huge falling out with my then 13 year old Sister in the middle of W H Smith, the source of our quarrel, wait for it… a tin pencil case with Winne the Pooh on the top, not too dissimilar to this one:

Aahh, lovely isn’t it?! Anyway I lost the argument and ended up with no pencil cases, tin or otherwise and my sister somehow ended up with two because she had a part time job and could pay for things. I never quite got over it, but I vowed from that day on that when I did finally grow up and get a job I would spend all my money on pencil cases, of course I haven’t quite done this, but I have had a good go in trying.

Today I happened to be in London, so popped into Paperchase in Victoria station for a gift for my daughter, this fold and mail writing set is perfect, she loves to send letters and these sheets are double sided so when you fold it up the out side turns into the envelope, genius. It also comes with some flower stickers, oh and every little (and big) girl needs a fairy pen right?

Shop Here //  Paperchase

I also bought myself a new notebook (this geometric print is part of a three part set). Some London stickers, because I can’t resist and stickers in any form but 3d ones are a particular weakness.

The owl mechinal pencil was hooting at me from the counter, I thought it would have been rude to ignore it. I think is also available as a pen (that I might need to get at a later date when shopping alone).

Shop Here // Notebooks
Shop Here // Pencil
Shop Here // Stickers

Lastly I stocked up on some true stationery staples (not
literally, I don’t use staples a lot but this is something I am going to review), a thick lined notebook, I always keep a book in my handbag,
for me to jot down ideas and also handy if I have taken the Little One to a
cafĂ© and she is bored. I bought a pack of bic cristal pens, I know they’re not pretty but they are by far and away the most comfortable pen for me
to write with and I buy them buy the truck load as the pen elves in the studio like them too.

Oh and the green washi tape because everyone needs washi tape Right?

Shop Similar Here // Notebook
Shop Here // Pen
Shop Here //  Washi Tape

Please note that paperchase constantly change lines so some links may only take you to the shop front or to similar products.

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  1. I too am a stationary hoarder! i love paper things, rubber things (erasers obviously!!!) washi tape things and pen things and the list is endless
    I am most happiest writing with said bic pens (as they truly are the 80s pen from school and comfortable to write with) writing lists lists and more lists….
    Enjoy stationary week, I am off to find new things… x

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