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My Pinterest Romance

My name is Lindsay and I’m a Pin Addict!

Actually I am a Pinfluencer! Apparently this is down to the number of Pinterest users that have chosen to follow me on a daily basis. 274K to date!

I’m quite sure this has nothing to do with endless hours I spend hoarding, ahem, I mean pinning (everything from how to organise your craft room… to the very best in IKEA hacks – a particular personal fave)…

If you are new to Pinterest, the basis is that it works like virtual pinboards, you find something you like online, you don’t want to loose it so you can pin it to a board. This then  gives you a visual representation of your pin and bookmarks it, you should to add a description to your pin so that others can find it. You organise pins within boards, you add a label and organise them yourself using as few or as many as you need within the easy to use interface. You can even have some secret boards for gift ideas or those special plans you have that you would rather keep private.

I have many boards covering everything I am interested in or might find a use for at a later date, everything from Healthy Eating which are mostly Slimming World recipes – this has really helped me reach my target weight as there’s no need to go rifling through books to find a recipe for dinner to ‘A Lady Look I Likey’ featuring wardrobe ideas for Spring/Summer, I also have one of these for Autumn/Winter.

Pinterest is available as an app as well as directly through the web site, you can also find friends, shops and even celebrities to see what they are pinning, keeping you one step ahead and on trend.

I even have a board called ‘If you bought me this I’d be a bit delighted‘.  Which is exactly what the label says, it is a board chock full of lovely stuff I would like but would never buy for myself, but since creating this board I have never had a disappointing Birthday or Christmas!!

If you would like to follow me, either click here or on the big ‘P’ Social Media in the right hand menu bar. Either way will take you to my pinterest page just click follow from there.

Happy Pinning!

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