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Happy Easter! Paper Peony Tutorial.

It’s Easter Sunday and after my calorie blow out this week I treated myself to a lovely posy of spring blooms. They will last longer than chocolates and will help me get back on track with my weight loss.

For me, nothing says Spring is finally here like a bunch of daffs!

But sadly these blooms will only last for seven days (that’s if I’m lucky), so for longer lasting floral cheeriness, The Little One and I made some tissue paper roses, they are so easy to make, I thought I would share a tutorial. 
I am not a lover of fake flowers as a rule, the silk ones make me think of granny’s and gravestones! But these Paper Peonys are perfect for parties, or just (as we used them) for brightening up and making our hallway less, well, white!
Super simple to make, you need 10 sheets of approximately A4 (210 x 297mm) tissue paper. Experiment with different colour combinations, you will be surprised at how the garish colours work really well together and have the feel of a Mexican Fiesta.

Line the 10 sheets up and concertina, like a fan, at 3cm intervals, this is a brilliant craft to make with young children as they all know how to make fans.

Then tie an unfolded paper clip or a piece of pipe cleaner around the centre.

Pull out to make a butterfly shape.
Then gently tease out the layers.

Top Tip: start by dividing the layers approximately in half from the centre and then in quarters and then pull out the layers individually, they are less likely to tear.

Don’t rush this part, it will feel like it’s going to look rubbish for a few minutes, but keep pulling the layers (gently).
It will suddenly take shape.
Then tie a bit of string through the pipe cleaner and hang up.

 Or wear on your head!!!!

This post fulfills one of my goals for April (I’ll share the rest of the goals this week). I wanted to make one of the pins I have posted on my Easter Pinterest boards, if you would like to have a look at my other pins you can find them here
Resisting the urge to make an egg-pun… Hope you all have an amazing Easter!!!

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