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Travel Journal: Cleethropes Easter Break – Part Two

We’re home after a lovely few days away on the North Lincolnshire Coast.

We stayed in Cleethorpes, it is a seaside area that is often overlooked in favour of better known resorts on the east coast. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical at first, but there’s something about the old fashioned charm of this area that’s very appealing and it’s pretty affordable which is a very important point when holidaying with family.

It’s also super flat… we were impressed with how big the sky looked, there was literally nothing but sky and fields for as far as the eye could see!

We stayed in a beautiful old house this is one of the original stained glass windows.

We took a stroll down to the sea front, I always enjoy finding original, quirky, advertisements and signage. There is bucket loads of retro artwork in Cleethorpes. I have started to keep a photo album on my phone with snaps of this sort of thing so I have it to hand for inspiration when I’m working on new projects.

I just love the hand painted typography on the beach front ice cream parlours and the brightly painted shop fronts. We were so lucky that the sun came out…

and so did the Donkeys!!!

They are currently doing renovation work to the pier. It is due to reopen to the public this July, the plans look fabulous and will be a welcome boost to the towns economy.

No trip to the seaside is complete without an ice cream and a cream tea (I am generally pretty healthy when it comes to my food but I just can’t resist the call of a scone and cream, good job I don’t hear them call often). We visited Marples on Sea View Street, which as you can probably guess is just off the sea front.

We just had time for a round around in the garden…

Watch the sun disappear behind the trees

Before the loooong drive home to bed!

We had a really great break in Cleethorpes and now feel ready for a super Easter!

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