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Travel Journal: Cleethorpes Easter Break – Part One

We are taking a break, just a few days away before Easter. Staying on the North Lincolnshire Coast. Not too far but far enough to feel like we are ‘away’. We had only one minor incident en route concerning our small child who decided to leave her breakfast on the grass verge, gales force winds and my new (now not so shiny car)!

But we did arrive safely a short while later. There was beautiful sunshine to greet us by the time we got here. The blossom is really coming through now and making everywhere feel more like spring, even if it is still a tad on the blowy side. This is one of the many blossom trees in grounds where we are staying.


One of the joys of being a self employed family is that when we have a few quieter days we can just down tools and get away from the studio for a bit. Obviously we still bring lap tops and iPads etc as we can’t just abandon ship altogether, but a change of scenery even just for a few short days is the perfect way to recharge the batteries and reconnect with nature (and the¬†family, although we work and live together we rarely talk about anything other than work when we’re at home so getting away is important).
We arrived, wrapped up warm and headed straight off for a stroll and some sea air. Check out these lovely matching cuffs my Mum knitted for us! We love them.


We found these amazing Easter cakes in local bakers, there is nothing I enjoy more when visiting a new place than seeking out all the small independent bakers, butchers, grocers, florists and gift shops (and the odd estate agent) on the high street of wherever I am staying so I can find little treats that I know I may never find again. But these shortbread nests were so tasty and I am guessing pretty simple to make, I am planning to make my own version for an Easter gathering I have planned when I get home, I will of course post photos, although I am no baker, so don’t be dissapointed if they aren’t quite so pretty!


What is the first thing you do when you arrive in a new place?

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